Smith, Niemann Among Players to Join Saudi-Backed LIV Golf

British Open champion, and Joaquin Nieman were among the six players.

Saudi-funded LIV will leave the PGA Tour for golf.

This week, the fourth tournament takes place outside of Boston.

Signature of Smith was evading questions regarding his impending departure since the day he won Claret Jag.

Smith, aged 29, from Australia has moved up one spot to No. After winning at St Andrews, Smith has moved up to No. 2 in the world rankings.

He could have reached No. With a win at the FedEx Cup playoffs, he could have reached No.

LIV Golf doesn't receive ranking points, even though it submitted an application last month.

LIV has suspended PGA Tour members who play at golf events.

Smith and Neiman are both from Chile. They were part of eight qualifiers for international teams in the President's Cup.

Neiman, 23 years old, was interested in joining the rival league.

Due to the European Tour's major event, LIV Golf will be starting next week in Wentworth (England).