iPhone 14 May Cost More, But People Still Eager to Upgrade to the New iPhone

14 percentage of iPhone owners have plans upgrading to the iPhone 14 series device, according to the study.

Apple is set to announce an iPhone 14 series on September 7. iPhone 14 series on September 7

A study indicates there are more iPhone owners would like to upgrade this year

The survey was conducted using a the help of 1,500 individuals

There might be more people who are interested in an iPhone 14 among existing iPhone users than ever before.

If  Apple increases the price of its iPhone 14 series, it may further  discourage buyers , or force them to reconsider their purchase.

A  better processor, increased storage space and a more powerful camera  were mentioned as the primary reason for considering upgrading into 14  series of the iPhone 14 series.

Apple might launch an iPhone 14 Max model this year, instead than the iPhone 14 Mini.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Display 6.70-inch Front Camera Unspecified Rear Camera 48-megapixe