Christian Yelich dedicates Brewers win to man friend-zoned on jumbotron

Christian Yelich reveals that the Brewers Competed For A Reason.

Before Garrett Mitchell, a rookie outfielder, tied the game at home for his first career.

In the eighth inning, the Brewers lost 5-3 to the Pirates.

In the ninth, he was finally won by Kesten Hiura with a walk-off homer.

He is now 8-for-15 in the last three games with two home runs, five RBIs and two home runs.

Yelich was awarded the NL MVP award in 2018 and came in second place in 2019.

He sustained a bizarre injury after he threw a ball off of his leg in late 2019.

Ops scored about 300 more points than his two MVP-caliber year.

The  Brewers are currently 68-59, 1.5 games behind Padres and in contention  for the last wild card spot within the National League.