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Asspet 6 months ago
You literally can’t go wrong with a rimming chair. After about 10 minutes your asshole is swollen open and pulsating and your cock is pumping out precum and it feels like you’re taking a really satisfying shit but the sensation doesn’t stop. Amazing. Hands down the best way to get eaten out by a woman. I have a friend who can’t get enough of my asshole this way.
Lil Debbie 8 months ago
I need a man to sit on a stool like that and let me lick his asshole, suck his balls until he cums.
6 months ago
I have always wanted to try rimming, I have a fetish idea of sitting on a toilet chair and having a big floppy wet tongue pushing my anus to its limits for hours.
Pinky 3 months ago
I love when my wife sticks her tongue in my pink asshole and gives me a rim job
Bum 1 year ago
That's my type
Female 3 weeks ago
I would love to have my hole eaten like that and a tongue inside me while I play with my hard clit